Sketching to Generate Ideas

Quick Sketch 2Preliminary sketching can be used as a creative strategy for generating ideas.  Often while sketching out an image, ideas for the composition will pop into my head. Moving my pen over the paper will generate more ideas than just looking at pictures.  I think there is something about being in motion that assists ideas in coming up.  What about you?  Do you hand write notes or doodle sketches in the preliminary stage of exploring new ideas? What about trying this before going to the computer to organize these ideas?  Notice the shifts and changes from the preliminary sketch to the finished image below.

6 Perspective Drawing Option A Sofa

4 responses to “Sketching to Generate Ideas

  1. I have had a similar experience with writing. It is almost like starting your engine and letting it warm up. When I get stuck on writing , or just don’t want to write about what I need to write about, I just start writing about anything and then it is easier get ideas and move on.

    • Hello Claudia,
      I so appreciate your comment. I wondered if this happened with writers. I do have a poet explain that she uses images first to get her poems started.
      Prof. Stephanie

  2. I think drawing and sketching is important in the thinking process of designing. Since what we do is so visual, especially the finished product, drawing it out helps me understand better where everything is and how everything looks together and what needs to change.

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