Rendered Floor Plan Sketch

4 Floor plan sketchThe addition of surface rendering to floor plans provides an opportunity to show the pattern and texture of the building elements and furnishings.  In this quick sketched rendered floor plan of a bedroom, it has a stippling pattern representing the texture of the carpet.  There are lines and dots for wood grain and horizontal squiggled lines representing the fabric on the bed. Notice around the floor plan, I doodled around drawing different table tops, plants and flooring finishes.

Check out this six minute video where I talk about these texture and patterns.

7 responses to “Rendered Floor Plan Sketch

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  2. Hi Professor Sipp! I find this to be very useful to me. I really just love all of the details about this floor plan and I like how you teach it step by step for people to understand the work. I just really find your work to be very helpful and inspiring with a lot of contrast to it and this will benefit me in all of my interior design classes.

    Thanks, Micola

  3. Hey Prof. Stephanie! I absolutely enjoyed reading this blog post. I really enjoyed all of the textures and color combinations that were visible in the floor plan drawings. I feel very inspired to learn all about rendered floor plans!
    Thanks, Ashley

  4. Its amazing how adding curvilinear lines among others can make objects come to life on paper. Videos are extremely helpful to me, so thank you for sharing them!

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