Drawing a Variety of Texture, Pattern and Value

BasketsIn this image I am practicing drawing textures and pattern on a wood box, a basket and a ceramic mug.  A key aspect of being successful is having different values of dark and light to highlight each object.  For example, the basket in the middle of the group, needs to stay lighter in value than the mug that is behind it. Along with the shadow on the left side of the basket is darker than the wood box. When working with a drawing marker you need to start out with light values and add the darker values as you go.

4 responses to “Drawing a Variety of Texture, Pattern and Value

  1. D
    These textures are so interesting they add so much contrast. It is a lot of work but well worth the work

    • It took me a long time add textures effectively, It is easy to get the values all the same and then you can distinguish each object. Prof. Stephanie

  2. Interesting drawings. How did you come up with the ideas? That drawing must have taken a long time to draw. How long did it actually take you to do this?

  3. Hi Professor Sipp! This piece have a nice texture and contrast to it. I love all of the details to this drawing and it has inspired me to perfect my own drawings, texture, and pattern values.

    Thanks, Micola

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