Artur Stephniak’s Architectural Hand Drawings

House 1Excited to get an email from Artur Stephniak who is an architecture student in Warsaw.  How fun is this!  An aspects I really like about hosting this blog are the wonderful people who contact me from around the world.  Artur Stephniak is one of them!  Here are two of his drawings from his  website .

Here is a quote from his site: “I am an architecture student at the Warsaw University of Technology.  My main passion and hobby is drawing. I specialize in such styles as a fantasy and science-fiction. I love to imagine those worlds and draw them.” These two drawings are from his Modern Architectural Sketches & Biggest Concept file.  I am appreciating his ability to use value to highlight his buildings.  His building designs are interesting and the backgrounds provide a perfect backdrop for his designs.

House 2

Be sure to take time to view his other drawings including Future City – Sketches, Polish Village – Nowogrod and White on Black.

3 responses to “Artur Stephniak’s Architectural Hand Drawings

  1. Reblogged this on Interior Design Student and commented:
    This is a fabulous blog about hand drawing from an Interior Design professor from the US. I love the post on ‘having fun with 2 point perspective’ which plays around with bird houses. Lovely!

  2. I really liked Arthur Stephniak website and his drawing are so wonderful. I hope that i can improve my drawing skills to this leave one day.

    • Hi Sam, I think Arthur is unbelievable. Really appreciate how he can draw and use value. Prof. Stephanie

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