Perspective Line Drawing of a Bookcase with Accessories

7 Bookcase 5 CorrectedThis line drawing of a two-point perspective bookcase includes accessories on each shelf and a plant on the floor.  This is adding flavor and character to the drawing with the value, texture and patterns.  Before working on this final drawing, I practiced with a quick sketch.  As I am sketching, ideas pop into my head to use in the final drawing. Notice in this sketch shown below, it is shown in a one-point perspective view which is faster and easier to draw.

8 Sketch Bookcase

2 responses to “Perspective Line Drawing of a Bookcase with Accessories

  1. Claudia Wright

    As we are learning to draw furniture I am beginning to understand the value of the quick sketch to generate ideas, and the practicality of doing the quick one-point perspective to get ideas and then translate to the more difficult and complex two point perspective. Once you have that sketch you can begin to organize the details, which objects will go where, and how to balance the objects against each other for a finished rendering. Sketching the three compartments gives you a lot to choose from when you begin to put together the final one compartment bookcase.

    • Hello Claudia, good for you. I am glad that you are open to the idea of quick sketches. I am impressed with the good drawing work you are doing for class. Prof. Stephanie

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