Floor Plan and One-Point Perspective Line Drawing

Floor Plan 1-PointAn important step to drawing an interior perspective space, is to start with a scaled floor plan.  This will assist you in becoming oriented to the room and you will have a visual guide for your perspective drawing.  The floor plan shows the organization of the space, architectural features, placement of the furniture and accessories.  Taking time to add texture and pattern to this drawing will assist in planning ahead for you perspective drawing to include contrasting values and a variety of patterns.  Notice in these examples the variety of patterns includes a floral pattern on the sofa, a wood pattern on the flooring and door frame and a geometric boarder on the carpet.

Rendered 1 Point A

3 responses to “Floor Plan and One-Point Perspective Line Drawing

  1. Reblogged this on Interior Design Student and commented:
    Great advice on perspective drawing and adding textural details. Thank you Hand Drawing!

  2. The texture and patterns added are so simple yet make all the difference for the drawing. I can also see the shading and shadowing details as well.

    • Hello Dawn, I am amazed too at how effective adding texture to a floor plan can really make the image pop. Prof. Stephanie

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