Line Drawing Interior Accessories

Lamp with Mirror AEnjoyed practicing adding texture and pattern to these table top accessories.  The goal was to have a variety of rendered patterns which included using a combination of line and stippling.  I also created contrasting values with the items that were overlapping.

7 responses to “Line Drawing Interior Accessories

  1. There is so many details in this drawing, I especially like the hanging picture frame. The family picture is pretty awesome, with all the fun hairstyles. I’m excited to see what you will be teaching us this semester.

  2. I like this drawing. The picture in the frame, for example, you give the impression of the people rather than all the difficult details of replicating them. I must remember to simplify and not be so overwhelmed with being exact.

    • Hello Melissa,
      You are so right on with the idea of simplifying objects and drawing impressions of the details is very helpful. Prof. Stephanie

  3. I really love your wood grain it is absolutely fabulous. Everything about this drawing is awesome but the wood grain is extremely fascinating.

    • Hi Dana, I really enjoy drawing wood grain too! We practice in class last week. Take care – Prof. Stephanie

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