Urban Sketching in Avondale, Jacksonville Florida

wk 2 Avondle CHere is my latest urban sketch drawn on location.  Big fun Sunday morning walking my dogs down to our cute neighborhood shopping area. I had brunch outside and worked on this sketch.  I was pleased that the cars parked in front of the shops moved in and out so I could not include them in my drawing.  Way to hard to draw them!  Interested in learning more about sketching on location?  Check out this awesome book.  I enjoy following the author on Facebook too.

artofurbansketchingcoverHere is a quote from his book, About the Author, “Campanario is a staff artist at the Seattle Times  and founder of the Urban Sketchers, (www.urbansketchers.org) a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the art of on-location drawing.  Campanario”s newspaper column, “Seattle Sketcher,” was awarded first place for blog writing in The Best of the West journalism contest.”  Plan to visit the urban sketchers blog and Campanario’s blog The Sketch Journalist.

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