Drawing Pears

wk 4 PearEnjoying my online Sketchbook Skool class.  This image composition was inspired by the lessons of week #4 with Jane LaFazio.  I created a visual reference before getting started by cutting up a pear, notice the photograph below.   With a light pencil drawing, I set up the placement of the objects on my sketchbook page.  Using drawing markers, I adjusted the object shapes and their placement on the page as I went along.  Using copic markers, color was added along with marker lines in the background.  I really enjoyed Jane’s teaching style, her composition advise and suggested art supplies.  She is just delightful and so generous with sharing her knowledge of creating art.  Take time to check out her super colorful website, Jane Lafazio.com.  She has tiny tutorials, a blog, classes and retreats.

wk 4 Pear photo



4 responses to “Drawing Pears

  1. I love your graphic style. I could see these images working really well on a recipe book or tea towel and oven gloves.

    • Hi there! So great to get your suggestions and comments. That is really nice. Take care – Stephanie

  2. Micola Session

    Hi Professor Sipp! I just love this piece of art. This piece shows some good graphics and it works very well together. I could see this piece in the kitchen and cooking books.


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