Copic Marker Rendered Sofa

wk 3 Sofa Color SaturatedI enjoyed rendering this sofa with the shiny finish in my sketchbook.  A photograph was used as a visual reference.  I find the wall finish to be the most successful part of the rendering. There are three different light valued markers that were used, yellow tan, warm grey and lavender.  Below is the line drawing that was completed before adding the color rendering.

wk 3 Sofa B

8 responses to “Copic Marker Rendered Sofa

  1. Claudia Wright

    This is so fabulous! Copic should use this for an advertisement! I am dying to know which reds you used for the sofa, and how you got the highlights for the sofa to look shiny. Fortunately I am in your class so I will see you Saturday and we can discuss the details.

    • Hello Claudia,
      So appreciate your support with this drawing. I actually did not think it was very successful. Silly me! Look forward to talking about it in class.

  2. Love It!

  3. Thanks for sharing, very beautiful drawing. I’ve been wanting to try the Copic markers, now you have convinced me. – Sharon

    • Great to hear from you. I appreciate your positive feedback. I have more posts on using Copic markers and will be adding some mini-lessons soon. Great to have you using my blog, take care- Stephanie

  4. I agree!!! How magical to make this appear so shiny!!!

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