Copic Marker Fall Leaves Sketch

Leaves 2It is great fun to be filling my sketchbook pages with fall leaves that I collect on my walk with the dogs. I move the leaves around on the page until I like the arrangement and then draw them their actual size. As I work on creating the image, these leaves are an important visual reference.  Below is a photograph of the leaves.

Copic Rendering Marker Tip #5:  A good way to start adding color to your drawing is to have the actual objects with you as a visual reference.  Looking closely at the colors in the object, select your marker colors.  You might be surprised at the variety of colors that are an object when looking closely at it.  Start your rendering with the lighter values, blending the darker values next.  Be sure to pause and look at your work, making adjustments in your rendering as you go.  My goal for rendering the red leaf was to practice getting the color and texture as close to the actual leaf as I could.  I did find, in the process of added color, that I needed to made adjustment with these colors working with the color markers that I had.  Need to add to your art supplies? Dick Blick Art Materials

Leaves 2 photograph

2 responses to “Copic Marker Fall Leaves Sketch

  1. So lovely, the colors make me happy!🍁

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