Leaves as a Series with Copic Markers

Leaves 5 imageStill finding inspiration from the fall leaves that I pick up during my walk with the dogs around my neighborhood.  Perfect opportunity for me to quickly practice and learn about using Copic markers.  They make a great visual reference, come in a variety of sizes and colors and are quick and easy to draw.  From start to finish, it takes me about an hour.  This allows me to sneak some marker rendering time into my busy schedule.  As I get more comfortable with rendering the topic, it becomes easier for me to explore different techniques.  Sometimes I have success and sometimes I don’t which is just fine because the time invested is so short and the more I do, the more I learn.

Copic Rendering Marker Tip #6:   Want to find more practice time exploring your marker rendering skills?  What about finding a subject that is small and simple to draw that you can use repetitively?  Think of this as being “fast in and fast out”.   This will give you an opportunity to create several images  in a short amount of time, providing multiple chances to practice and explore your rendering techniques.

Leaves 5 leaves

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