Sketchbook Page Tip #1

Light fixture

When do you find time to practice your sketching?  This week I was able to have my sketchbook and drawing tools at several long meetings.  I sketched the objects with light pencil lines, draw over the first sketch with a black line marker or pen refining the image as I go. I don’t think about the composition of the page so the images just end up on the page where they fit.

Sketchbook Page Tip #1 – What about practicing in your sketchbook to expand your drawing skills?   Time drawing in my sketchbook is about exploring and expanding my drawing skills.  It is not about coming up with a successful drawing. My sketchbook is a place to doodle, play around and practice.  This provides opportunities to sketch subjects that are more complicated and challenging for me knowing that practicing is more important than the results.

Chair & LettersChairs & Letters 2


2 responses to “Sketchbook Page Tip #1

  1. brad young's art

    I really like the lamp! I keep threatening to buy one at Pottery Barn just like that one! Very Cool!

    • Hi Brad,
      Always great to hear from you. LOL about the lamp, yes it is a really cool lamp, I say “Go for it!”.
      Enjoying your posts too. Take care, Stephanie

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