Call for Submissions: Think Fast Exhibit

Oh, this looks like fun, check it out!


think fast_logo

CALLING: artists, makers, visual thinkers, students and practitioners of design, urbanism, architecture, landscape, planning and other allied disciplines. Images and techniques that portray the process of revealing design in all its forms are invited for a peer-reviewed exhibition and publication. Think Fast explores the role of ambiguity and deconstruction in design imagination, intent and contemporary representation. The interdisciplinary collection of work selected for exhibition will travel to at least three academic venues in Indiana, Kansas and New York City.

The exhibition and subsequent publication will collect unfinished, deconstructed or otherwise ambiguous design images and products to bridge creative disciplines, and to reveal meaning in the often-accidental discoveries that grow out of fast, gestural, conceptual visual thinking. The rough, imperfect sketch or study model does not simply hint at an idea, it inspires the maker and viewer alike to take imagined artistic liberties—connecting a scarcely deliberate concatenation of dots—and filling in…

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  1. thanks for spreading the word!!

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