Practicing as a Safety Zone

Leaf 10I find freedom when I tell myself that I am just practicing my drawing skills when I am working on an image.  It is like my safety zone, I can stay loose, doodle around, experiment and enjoy the process.  The minute I find myself “working on good paper” or “starting a final project” BAM! Here comes that critical voice. I loose my confidence, I forget what I know and my brain goes to a totally different place.  It has been shown that repeating new skill or practicing will elevate your skill level and yet I will say that just being in the “practice state of mind” will increase the success with my work.  How do you get into your safety zone when you are working on your drawings?  Is it music?  Working at certain time of day? Or being in a favorite place?  I found this magnolia leaf on my morning walk, created a drawing, added color quickly with confidence and without fussing around.  Yea!

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