Copic Color Marker Rendered Interiors with a Color Scheme

TriadHere are three marker rendering demonstrations that I quickly did for my class using a color scheme when selecting hues for an image.  Each image shows the Copic Marker number with a color sample below the image.  Following a color scheme or color harmony is a technique which will assist in creating a visually successful image.    The first image above is a triad color scheme with red, blue and yellow which is a triangle shape on the color wheel.  Also included are several neutral hues, brown, tan and oyster.

Color Analogous AThe image above used an analogous color scheme with four hues that are next to each other on the color wheel. This includes red, red-orange, orange and yellow.  This time that are three values of brown as a neutrals.  Below a complimentary color scheme was used with two hues that are opposite on the color wheel.  Purple and yellow are the hues with a grey and taupe as a neutrals.

Color Complimentary A
















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