Copic Coloring Sunflowers

Sunflowers Jar 2It was great to have my small 5″ X 7″ sketch pad, pencil, eraser and fine line marker at a meeting I attended last week.  This gave me a chance to draw a couple pages of sunflowers.  Back at the house, a container was added and Copic Markers were used to color the images.  I challenged myself to use unique hues/colors in the center of the flowers.  In this image, two different valued blue-green markers or turquoise, (BG18 & BG57), a violet or purple (V17) and a blue (B26) plus a green (G85) were used.

Copic Coloring Tip:  You will find in the Copic Marker 2014 Product Catalog on page 25, a chart that shows the first number of a marker refers to the saturation within a color family, note the chart below. I also describe a marker color with a low first number in the green family, like G14, as a spring green and a marker color with a high first number, like G85, as an olive green.  Check out more about these markers on their website:

Copic Number System


2 responses to “Copic Coloring Sunflowers

  1. Lots of beauty coming from a 5×7. Beautiful use of color.

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