Etsy Shop Holiday Cards

Holiday 2015 C darkWant a special holiday card to send your family and friends this year?  What about supporting an artist at the same time?  Here is one of two holiday images that you can purchase on my Etsy site, SippAndMaryMade.  They are 4″ X 6″in size, blank inside and come in a package of 12 cards with envelops. The Etsy site has both my card designs and my sister Mary’s gift pillow designs.  Here is our link: sippandmarymade

Not familiar with Etsy? Check out the 4 steps below with pictures from our Etsy site:Etsy 5 Step #1: search and put into the Etsy search sippandmarymade or use the link above.Etsy 1AStep 2:  review the card selections and gift pillow designs. Etsy 2Step 3: Select your purchase, add to your cart and follow the steps.  PayPal is an option for making your purchase.  Etsy 4Step 4:  Not clear about the process or want to contact me?  Check out the link on the Etsy site page. Thank you!      Etsy 6

One response to “Etsy Shop Holiday Cards

  1. Beautiful gifts and cards

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