Sipp Published Marker Illustrations

PawPaw ArticleSuper excited to have two illustrations published in the Plough to Pantry Winter 2016/Vol.1 Issue 4 magazine.  This is a farm-to-table living magazine focused on the Asheville, North Carolina area. Natasha Anderson wrote the article above on Asheville’s George Washing Carver Edible Park. Mardi Letson is the author of the article below and designs gardens that are uniquely created for each client. Take time to view this wonderful magazine with this link: Plough to Pantry.

Houseplant Article



9 responses to “Sipp Published Marker Illustrations

    • Hello Mary Ann – Thank you so much for your note. I love your sketching group and find this a great way to create a drawing community. Stephanie

  1. Congrats! Hope you are happy and enjoying life.Regards,Tracey MayoSent from my Veriz

  2. Bruce Meiselman

    congratulations on having your illustration published-yea Stephanie!

  3. brad young's art

    That is fantastic! Way to go! Great pics, too!!

  4. Congrats

  5. Hi Lisa, Great to hear from, thank you for your comment. Take care – Stephanie

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