Fun with Copic Marker Pansies

Pansy Marker Step 3Had a great time using pansies as my inspiration for this color illustration.  This flower reminds me of smiling faces.  After drawing the image, I used Copic markers to add the color, starting in the area I am most comfortable doing and then moving into the more challenging areas.  This included adding the two values of green to the leaves and stems, next rendering each flower and ending with creating the blue pattern on the container.  It is important for me to have visual references as I am working and this included the pansy flowers and a picture of a patterned container.

Pansy Marker Step 1

Pansy Marker Step 2 Below is a photograph of the pansies that I used.

Photos of pansies

2 responses to “Fun with Copic Marker Pansies

  1. Wow, simply beautiful!

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