Hawk Illustration with Copic Markers

Great fun working on an illustration of a Sharp-Shinned Hawk.  My goal is to create a realistic image and also portray their character.  As I am working on an illustration it is helpful for me to learn more about hawks and their behavior.  I have multiple field identification guide books for birds.  My favorite reference for learning more about their character is  Ted Andrew’s book Animal-Speak, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small. Here is a quote from his book, page 152, “Hawks are one of the most intriguing and mystical of the birds of prey. They are the messengers, the protectors, and the visionaries of the air. Their hunting ability, their eyesight and powerful flights and other behaviors that make them dynamic symbols.”  Below is a couple of images showing my drawing process.

First sketch of the hawk.

Finished adding color to the hawk drawing. Playing around with the background and showing the matte.

Scrap paper with the Copic marker color range and noted color tags.  It is helpful for me to see the color of the marker on the paper before I use them on the final piece.






2 responses to “Hawk Illustration with Copic Markers

  1. Super owl.

  2. Sorry! I meant HAWK!

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