Steph at boardI am currently a full time professor at Florida State College of Jacksonville in the interior design department.  It is great fun teaching at the college.  My favorite classes include hand sketching, perspective drawing, color rendering with markers and color pencils.  I have experienced that hand drawing is a learned skill that will improve with practice.  I believe that every student can meet the challenge of learning to draw and this was the inspiration for creating my book, “Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing”.  I am an advocate for promoting the teaching and using of hand drawing in schools, business and everyday life.

This blog is playing around with the topics of hand drawing, creativity and learning.  I am discovering that hand drawing is a powerful communication tool.  It is a critical part of the creative process, doodling, right brain thinking, generating ideas and finding innovative design solutions.  New ideas, books, information and images will be posted on Mondays.  Check it out!

Sunflowers Jar 2Want to know more about my artwork?  Visit my website stephaniesipp.com

8 responses to “About

  1. This unique post, “About | Drawing + Hand” ended up being
    fantastic. I’m printing out a replica to present to my associates.

    Thanks for your time-Callum

  2. Professor Sipp,
    Are you familiar with Paul Madonna’s work? I am a big fan and like to spread the word whenever I can. He has an app where you can tap the windows of buildings and learn the stories of those who live inside. Totally fun!

  3. Interesting blog and book.

  4. Hello Prof. Stephanie,
    In response to how is hand drawing important in Interior Design?
    hand drawing gets the image onto the paper before the idea is gone. Having the skill of correctly drawing by hand while sitting with clients is impressive and tells the clients you are a professional. It also helps to have this skill to be able to take the sketch back with you from the clients home and work with more ideas.

    • Hello Dana,
      This all sounds great! I hope you are posting this information on the discussion board site too! Prof. Stephanie

  5. Prof. Stephanie,
    In response to How can Blogs be used in interior Design.
    Blogs can be used various ways in Interior Design.
    Ideas can be shared, creativity can be sparked, experiences can be shared.
    Having a comradery with other Designers is fun.

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