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Marker Rendering Sofa and Stairs 2

Sofa & Stairs Yellow EmailHere is the second marker rendering of this interior space.  I can improve my skill level by rendering the same image again using different colors and textures.   Repetition is a great practicing tool for me.  When I am familiar with an image, it is easier to focus on the color and rendering aspects.  This room was designed by Connie Riik who is a Jacksonville Beach interior designer.  Check out the interior design work at her website CSR Interiors.

Practice Sketching Ideas

What a great idea to use the alphabet as a way to practice small thumbnail sketches.  I would think that these small images can also be used to generate ideas for more finished pieces.  These are from  Catherine Carey’s studio blog ” Here is a quote from her blog ” I am an artist living, teaching, and painting in a beautiful, small, resort town on Little Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan. My creative passion is watercolor sketchbook journaling. On this blog I will post things that I am working on and things I am teaching in my classes.”

Sketch FlowersPracticing your drawing is an important aspect of improving your skills.  I like to practice drawing subjects that I know well.  I do find the most challenging part of practicing is that my images don’t look as good as I want them too.  It is discouraging to finish a sketch and find it is discombobulated.  This summer I have been learning about adding color and value to images using markers.  Here is a quick sketch assisting me in learning about maker rendering techniques.

Interior Rendering with Liz Steel

130308 Sofa Markers

Liz Steel has a fabulous blog that I follow called Sketching Architecture. It is helpful to see how other artist render interior spaces and her latest post   “Watercolur vs Marker” is great. Notice how she takes an interior drawing and renders one in marker and the other with marker.  I appreciate that she will work on the same image multiple times. She even follows up with another post of several more renderings with this image.  This type of repetition can be a successful way to improve your rendering skills. Which rendering do you prefer?  Is one more successful than the other in communicating the design of the space?  How do you decide what color medium to use? I am starting to practice using markers because color can be quickly added to the image. I also find that the water in watercolor can be challenging to control.

130308 Sofa Watercolour

A Snapshot of Brad Young’s Art

zeppoleI am excited to have just discovered  Brad Young’s Art blog site which is full of his wonderful hand drawings.  What an inspiration!  He is located in Seattle and describes his work as “Doodling and Drawing Life”.  I find his drawings to be fun, full of character and his personal stories about them are just delightful.  In the drawing above, I am especially appreciating how he includes the furniture behind the glass window. Here is a bit of the story that goes with it, “Zeppole’s Bakery in Boise has made many of those moments “sweet”, usually with a really good espresso in a cool shop. By cool, I mean warm.


Here is a drawing of  a gum wall, how fun is this!  This is the quote on how he starts his story,  “Somewhere under Pike’s Market in Seattle, down the stairs, around the corner, through an alley is the Gum Wall. The Market Theatre wall is several inches thick of everyone’s gum stuck to it. ”  Check this blogsite out and enjoy!

Fabulous Seattle Sketcher


Wouldn’t you like a little free library in your neighborhood? I think the Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario, does the best job writing interesting articles that include his hand drawn, rendered images.  He has a column in The Seattle Times.  What a great combination, local news with drawings.  This image is from his article “Sketching field notes:  Researching little free libraries” .

In this drawing, I especially like that he shows his doodling ideas and notes on the side of the page.  I admire this “sketchy” flavor which is challenging for me to do.  I get caught up with getting the image polished and perfect.   Take time to read his article  and see the other images.

artofurbansketchingcoverYou might also be interested in his book The Art of Urban Sketching. It is packed with illustrations by urban sketchers from round the world. It is sure to provide inspiration for you to pick up your pen and start sketching!     Click here to learn more about this.

City Buildings as Drawing Inspiration

I enjoying seeing how artists render the flavor of a city. Here are two city images that are very different.  This is a sweet rendering of Betty’s hometown.  The touch of watercolor is just perfect.  You can almost feel the hot weather and slow pace that this street.  Find more urban images from BettyfromTexas at her Flicker site.

Below is an image from a very different city in another part of the world, Singapore.  This rendering is full of action, sounds and cool colors.  Tia is an architect and Art & Design Educator.  She has a wonderful blog, TiaStudo showing her sketchbook images.

James Gulliver Handcock

Just love the fun flavor, point of view and humor in this drawing.  James Gulliver Hancock is based in Sydney, Australia, and Brooklyn, N.Y., he is a well-known commercial illustrator, who has also had numerous exhibitions of his personal art.  This image reminds me that everyday objects can make successful drawing subjects.  I appreciate that he only uses three hues and the white back ground to add color.  This keeps it simple and yet adds interest to the image.

Here is a semi-abstract illustration that he did for the philosophical book HERMAN MILLER – ALWAYS BUILDING.  The book describes new concepts in adaptable & sustainable building design and architecture.  Again he only uses several hues in his image.  Check out his website!