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David Hockney iPhone Art

I have admired David Hockney’s art for many years.  Now he is using his iPhone to create great drawings.  I think that he exemplifies the artist creative spirit which will always continue to create art with what ever medium they can get their hands on.

Back in December 2010 he had an exhibit in Paris called “Fresh Flowers”.  Susan Stamburg did a report on NPR.

Here is one of his images and quote from the report ” When Hockney first got the device about two years ago, he immediately realized it was a new medium for creativity. He says, “Incredible little thing, really, because it was like a sketchbook and a paintbox all in one,” the artist says. Better, even: “No cleaning up. No mess.” That’s because he’s painting with an app called Brushes — a small virtual paintbox on the phone’s screen, into which Hockney dips a finger — or 10 — and makes pictures.

Check out his art work on his website!


iPad Drawings by France

Here are several iPad drawings by France Belleville-Van Stone from her blog called Wagonized.  I really like that she fits her drawing time into her busy family life.  Here is the quote about the drawing above  “This evening, I had a few minutes to kill on the parking lot of the school where I work, so I doodled the front on the iPad — there were cars obstructing the view, but as I often do, I carefully avoided drawing them :-)”

This is the quote about this drawing “Thursday night and this afternoon, I drew in plein air, taking the iPad outside.  Today during our daughter’s nap, I took a few minutes to draw what my husband was making — a big mess, really, but one with a vision!  An upcoming patio, fireplace, and pergola.  Paper app for the iPad.”

Really like how the shadows are accented with a grey value and there is just a touch of orange which highlights the iPhone.  Check out her blog site.

iPad Flower Drawing

Practicing drawing with Adobe Ideas on the iPad.  Flowers are my favorite subject and I am familiar with their shapes and proportions.  These Black-eyed Susan’s are from my garden and are sitting on my work table.  I use several techniques when learning a new medium to assist with my success.  First, keeping it simple by drawing an image that is familiar.  Second, using a single hue and adding a variety of values.  This assists me from getting overwhelmed with too many color choices.  And finally, instead of erasing and redoing over and over, I let go of perfection and allow the image be done at 80%.  When I finish one drawing, I can move on and start another one.  Stay tuned for more to come!

iPad Line Drawings by Phyllis Wolff

Seeing drawings from artists who are using the iPad, is a great way for me to learn more about this medium.  Here are are two line drawing that were drawn on the iPad by Phyllis Wolff who is an artist in England.  This is a quote from her website “I paint or draw or sketch (sometimes on the iPad) pretty much every day, both to fulfill my own needs or sometimes  for commissions, be they a landscape for someone’s home, or a portrait of someone they love.”

I am appreciating that Phyllis added just a touch of color to this line drawing.  As I challenge myself to draw on the iPad, it is helpful to see what other artists are creating.  You can also check out the wonderful paintings on Phyllis website too.

iPAD Airport Drawing

I found myself trapped in airports up the east coast this week as I traveled to a conference.  So what do you do while you wait for your flight?  Fortunately,  my iPAD came in handy as I started to explore the Adobi Ideas drawing app.  The goal was to complete an image with a sofa which is shown above.

How did I get there?  The first stage starts with light contour lines to place the major objects, taking time to check proportions.

The next image shows  added interior features and plants.  The sofa and pillows have value and texture too.  You will notice originally there were two pictures on the left side of the room.  These got too complicated  for me to fit in and they were taken out in the final drawing.

The shade and shadow was slowly added.  I find this to be a challenge part of rendering, kinda scary.  The darker shadows seem out of place and yet when they are added, it improves the drawing.

Here is the screen that you have when working with Adobe Ideas.  I like that the tools are on the left side which makes for easy access when drawing.  The tools are organized on this band, starting at the top, with drawing tool, the eraser, the undo, the diameter of the pencil, the opaqueness of the color and the color options.

When learning a new technique, it works best for me to keep it simple.  In this drawing,  only one color hue was used.  It was enough to play around with the opaque feature, diameter of the point and yes, the eraser. The next step will be to use the layering feature and add more colors.

Try it!  You might like it!

Hand Drawing on an iPAD

Yes!  Adobe Ideas has become my new medium for exploring hand drawing. The Adobe Ideas app provides an opportunity to hand draw images or draw on photographs.  You can then save these images to a file and send them by email.  In the app store, search for Adobe Ideas and note you will need to purchase this app.

1st iPad drawing with finger

I am enjoying learning how to use my hand drawing skills on an iPad.  At the same time, it is challenging because I results are not the quality that I would want.  The best way for me to learn a new technique is to allow myself to draw multiple, quick sketches of the same subject.  I will let go of the results and allow myself to celebrate learning how to use Adobe Ideas.

Flowers are one of my favorite subject and I am familiar with their shapes.  This makes them a perfect subject for me to practice a new technique.

2nd Drawing with stylist tool

I focused on drawing lines, making shapes and adding a variety of value.  To keep the process simple, I kept the color palette  neutral.  There is a warm grey, a cool grey, an an olive green and black.

These three images show the progress that I was able to make.  I am glad to be flexible enough to try new drawing techniques and yet I know that I want to make much more progress!

3rd image