Hand Drawing Book

Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing, Fundamentals for Interior Design

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By Stephanie M. Sipp

Second edition is now available!

Book, Activity Sketchbook & DVD

Here is an exceptional learning package that you can use to start your own hand drawing journey.  Hand drawing and sketching are fundamental aspects for communicating visually in the design field. Individuals use their hand drawings to improve their understanding of spatial concepts, to provide common language for translating visual ideas and to assist with developing creative design solutions.

This book provides every student with an opportunity to learn hand line drawing skills, starting from drawing a line and finishing with drawing interior perspective rooms. The step-by-step instructions, hand drawn illustrations and video demonstrations, provide effective support material for this process. In addition, the creative strategies and helpful hints encourage students to overcome typical stumbling blocks found in learning a new skill.

SDC Publication Book Information

When purchasing the book, be sure that you are getting the book, activity book and the CD.  If you are buying this as a second hand book, it may not have all of these pieces.

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17 responses to “Hand Drawing Book

  1. How much time did it acquire you to post “Hand Drawing Book | Drawing + Hand”?
    It carries loads of good information and facts. Thx -Shelli

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your post. I am pleased to hear from you. I have been posting information for a year on this blog.
      Hope to hear from you again! take care – Stephanie

  2. I wish to book mark this particular posting, “Hand Drawing Book | Drawing + Hand”
    on my own page. Do you really mind if I actuallydo it?
    Thx -Robert

    • Hello Robert,
      Thank you for your note. This would be great! I appreciate your interest in my blog. Take care – Stephanie

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  5. Hello Stephanie,

    Thanks for sharing on your drawing skills, actually I’m an student new in interior design without any hand drawing experience. but I really want to improve my skills in perspective drawing, is your book about perspective help beginners or for the advance learners?

    Cecilia Y.

    • Hello Cecilla,
      Yes, is for beginners. It was created for interior design college students like yourself. I use it in my perspective drawing class at FSCJ. Chapters include drawing the box, cylinders, adding texture and pattern, shade and shadow and plants. There is also a chapter on drawing furniture. There are two projects from start to finish of a one-point and two-point perspective interior space. There is an activity book that you complete assignments for each chapter and a CD with video demonstrations. Let me know if I can assist further. Stephanie

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  7. James Yinusa Moses

    Loving this site.

    • Hello James, Thank you for your comment and I am thrilled to have you at my site. Keep the comments coming! Stephanie

  8. where can I purchase exploring perspective hand drawing fundamentals for interior design

  9. Hi Stephanie,

    You should update the link to your publisher… it takes you to your OLD book that is no longer in print!

    Can’t wait to check it out!


    • Hello Bailey, thank you so much for letting me know about this link. Really appreciate you taking the time to contact me. I am working on creating online class options using my book. Let me know if I can put you on my list to contact when this is put together. My best to you – Stephanie

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