Copic Colors with Flowers

Flowers Color 2ASuper favorite subject to draw and color render with Copic Markers.  I enjoy capturing the flavor of each different flower as I draw them and add color. Below are photographs I use for visual references.


Cone Flower and Copic Markers

Cone Flower Color AIt was fun to add color to my cone flower line drawing using Copic markers.  My goal was to mix several different color markers to create a realistic rendering.  I bought a container of cone flowers at the grocery store which was great to use as my visual reference for the marker color inspiration and free hand drawing.

Cone flower photographAugust Sketch 3


Copic Marker Color Flowers

Sunflower Pair AAlways enjoy working with a series of similar subjects.  Here are a pair of Copic Marker rendered flower  images.  I find that my drawing and rendering work will improve as I play around with the same subject.  I tend to let go of focusing on technique which frees me up to move into the expression of the image.

Sunflower Pair B Dark

Flower Sketches using Conte Crayons

Drawing Zinna Conte 1Super busy time for me so I quickly sketched fresh flowers that I got at the Black Mountain tailgate farmers’ market from the Urban Farm Girl booth.  Elaine and Bryan supply organically grown cut flowers, raised from seed to bloom to the community for community for weddings, special occasions and events.  Check out their website with beautiful images of the flower arrangements, Urban Farm Girl.

For these line drawings I used Conte crayons to add color and then took snap shots of the drawings on my phone.

Sketch with Conte 2

Monarch and Milkweed Copic Marker Illustration

Milkweed Monarch FinishLove my opportunity to create illustrations for the Plough & Pantry magazine, which is a Farm-to-table living in the mountains and the foothills publication.  This illustration was included in “Milkweed:  Critical for monarchs, beautiful for your garden” article.  Fun to explore the monarch cycle and the connection it has to milkweed.  Cheers!

World Watercolor Month with Orange Kitties

Cat & Chair

Celebrating World Watercolor Month with a couple of orange cat images.  Just cleaned out a file box with watercolor images that I did several years ago.  Here is my big orange kitty, Leo, in our wicker chair and an orange kitty at a front door that was inspired from a photograph. Happy Watercolor Painting!

Cat & Door

Learning Philosophies

Check out this information on learning philosophies!  I am appreciating that it is set up perfectly for visual learners! The back ground color groupings, graphic images, symbols and short bits of information are just right for me to understand the information being presented.

The Big Three: Comparing Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia Learning Philosophies

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