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Daffodil Copic Marker Rendering

daffodil-2 Last week I bought a container of daffodils and found time to create an illustration with my fine black markers.  It was great fun to add color to the drawing using my Copic markers.  I was actually on a phone meeting, with the flowers on my desk, when I completed the first quick sketch to organize how the flowers would fit together.

quick-sketch-aThe drawing below is on marker rendering paper. I started with a light pencil drawing and added the fine line marker on top, erasing the pencil when I was done.  Notice the bee started on the left side and then moved to the right in the finished drawing.

first-drawing-aHere are the flowers that I used for my visual inspiration.













Copic Colors with Flowers

Flowers Color 2ASuper favorite subject to draw and color render with Copic Markers.  I enjoy capturing the flavor of each different flower as I draw them and add color. Below are photographs I use for visual references.


Cone Flower and Copic Markers

Cone Flower Color AIt was fun to add color to my cone flower line drawing using Copic markers.  My goal was to mix several different color markers to create a realistic rendering.  I bought a container of cone flowers at the grocery store which was great to use as my visual reference for the marker color inspiration and free hand drawing.

Cone flower photographAugust Sketch 3


Copic Marker Color Flowers

Sunflower Pair AAlways enjoy working with a series of similar subjects.  Here are a pair of Copic Marker rendered flower  images.  I find that my drawing and rendering work will improve as I play around with the same subject.  I tend to let go of focusing on technique which frees me up to move into the expression of the image.

Sunflower Pair B Dark

Monarch and Milkweed Copic Marker Illustration

Milkweed Monarch FinishLove my opportunity to create illustrations for the Plough & Pantry magazine, which is a Farm-to-table living in the mountains and the foothills publication.  This illustration was included in “Milkweed:  Critical for monarchs, beautiful for your garden” article.  Fun to explore the monarch cycle and the connection it has to milkweed.  Cheers!

Humming Bird with Columbine Illustration

Humming Bird AGreat to be part of the Plough & Pantry magazine team. This time I was challenged to include a Ruby-Throated Humming bird in my image that was rendered with Copic Markers.  For me, it turned out to be a good lesson when color rendering a new subject to take the needed time to practice. It wasn’t until the fifth rendering of the bird that it worked out right!  Click on the image below to reach the magazine website and check out the digital Spring 2016 edition.



Fun with Copic Marker Pansies

Pansy Marker Step 3Had a great time using pansies as my inspiration for this color illustration.  This flower reminds me of smiling faces.  After drawing the image, I used Copic markers to add the color, starting in the area I am most comfortable doing and then moving into the more challenging areas.  This included adding the two values of green to the leaves and stems, next rendering each flower and ending with creating the blue pattern on the container.  It is important for me to have visual references as I am working and this included the pansy flowers and a picture of a patterned container.

Pansy Marker Step 1

Pansy Marker Step 2 Below is a photograph of the pansies that I used.

Photos of pansies