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Carolina Chickadee and Junco Illustration

holiday-bird-2016-finalEnjoyed creating my holiday card this year with two North Carolina mountain winter birds, the Carolina Chickadee and the Dark-Eyed Junco.  It is fun to have bare winter trees because it makes it easier to see and identify the birds.








Copic Marker Interior Rendering

Class Finish AHere is a finished in class demonstration that I did from my summer marker class.  Below are the first two steps that I used in a PowerPoint for the students to follow.  I had a total of five steps and included the list of Copic markers that were used.

FloorClass LampClass Hues B

Humming Bird with Columbine Illustration

Humming Bird AGreat to be part of the Plough & Pantry magazine team. This time I was challenged to include a Ruby-Throated Humming bird in my image that was rendered with Copic Markers.  For me, it turned out to be a good lesson when color rendering a new subject to take the needed time to practice. It wasn’t until the fifth rendering of the bird that it worked out right!  Click on the image below to reach the magazine website and check out the digital Spring 2016 edition.



Etsy Shop Holiday Cards

Holiday 2015 C darkWant a special holiday card to send your family and friends this year?  What about supporting an artist at the same time?  Here is one of two holiday images that you can purchase on my Etsy site, SippAndMaryMade.  They are 4″ X 6″in size, blank inside and come in a package of 12 cards with envelops. The Etsy site has both my card designs and my sister Mary’s gift pillow designs.  Here is our link: sippandmarymade

Not familiar with Etsy? Check out the 4 steps below with pictures from our Etsy site:Etsy 5 Step #1: search http://www.etsy.com and put into the Etsy search sippandmarymade or use the link above.Etsy 1AStep 2:  review the card selections and gift pillow designs. Etsy 2Step 3: Select your purchase, add to your cart and follow the steps.  PayPal is an option for making your purchase.  Etsy 4Step 4:  Not clear about the process or want to contact me?  Check out the link on the Etsy site page. Thank you!      Etsy 6

Organizing Online Copic Color Marker Rendering Classes

Want to learn how to use Copic Markers?  This summer I am developing an online Copic marker rendering class series  It will be focused on using markers to color or render flowers from the garden. The class will include the line drawings for each activity along with step-by-step video demonstrations.  Student will be able to submit their assignments for feedback with comments and suggestions for improvements.  The goal is to have this up and running by September 2015.  Check out this practice demonstration video that I did using a Black-Eyed Susan flower line drawing.  Stay tuned for more updates.

V.3 Black-Eyed Susan from Stephanie Sipp on Vimeo.

Making a Copic Color Marker Color Wheel

Color wheelWhen I am selecting colors for a rendering, I like to have a color wheel as a visual reference. It is a good reminder of how the colors work with each other.  For example, adding a small amount of purple next to yellow will super pop the yellow.  Or adding yellow orange and orange next to yellow will create a color value gradation.  Above is a color wheel I just quickly completed with my Copic markers.  We are familiar with color wheels as visual method for charting colors as a reference.  This one has the primary, secondary and tertiary hues or colors.

Want to make your own color wheel with your markers or color pencils?  Download the template below, by saving it as a jpeg, open a new document, insert the jpeg into the document, adjust the size and print this out.  I use my Paris Bleed Proof paper that I cut down to 8 /12″ X 11″.  It is thin enough to load it into my home printer.

Color Wheel Templet

Copic Color Marker Flowers

Flowers Mixed 600I get all jazzed up drawing flowers and just can’t resist adding the bee. It is typical for me to work for a photograph of the subject.  This picture was taking in my neighbors front yard while walking the dogs.  I also like to practice the drawing in my sketchbook.  It is interesting to compare the sketchbook drawing and the final drawing.  The sketchbook drawing has more of a spontaneous flavor which I loose in the finished drawing.  What do you think?  Skip the practice and start on the good paper?  Or use the good paper for a more polished drawing after practicing?  What is your process?  Practice first or right to the good paper?

Sketch pagePhotograph