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Daffodil Copic Marker Rendering

daffodil-2 Last week I bought a container of daffodils and found time to create an illustration with my fine black markers.  It was great fun to add color to the drawing using my Copic markers.  I was actually on a phone meeting, with the flowers on my desk, when I completed the first quick sketch to organize how the flowers would fit together.

quick-sketch-aThe drawing below is on marker rendering paper. I started with a light pencil drawing and added the fine line marker on top, erasing the pencil when I was done.  Notice the bee started on the left side and then moved to the right in the finished drawing.

first-drawing-aHere are the flowers that I used for my visual inspiration.













Copic Colors with Flowers

Flowers Color 2ASuper favorite subject to draw and color render with Copic Markers.  I enjoy capturing the flavor of each different flower as I draw them and add color. Below are photographs I use for visual references.


Fun with Copic Marker Pansies

Pansy Marker Step 3Had a great time using pansies as my inspiration for this color illustration.  This flower reminds me of smiling faces.  After drawing the image, I used Copic markers to add the color, starting in the area I am most comfortable doing and then moving into the more challenging areas.  This included adding the two values of green to the leaves and stems, next rendering each flower and ending with creating the blue pattern on the container.  It is important for me to have visual references as I am working and this included the pansy flowers and a picture of a patterned container.

Pansy Marker Step 1

Pansy Marker Step 2 Below is a photograph of the pansies that I used.

Photos of pansies

Copic Color Marker Flowers

Flowers Mixed 600I get all jazzed up drawing flowers and just can’t resist adding the bee. It is typical for me to work for a photograph of the subject.  This picture was taking in my neighbors front yard while walking the dogs.  I also like to practice the drawing in my sketchbook.  It is interesting to compare the sketchbook drawing and the final drawing.  The sketchbook drawing has more of a spontaneous flavor which I loose in the finished drawing.  What do you think?  Skip the practice and start on the good paper?  Or use the good paper for a more polished drawing after practicing?  What is your process?  Practice first or right to the good paper?

Sketch pagePhotograph

Copic Marker and Paper Collage 1

Cala Lilly 1

Great to be playing around with my Copic marker images.  In the past, I have enjoyed adding paper collage to my drawings and paintings.  Look forward to using this same style with my marker images.  Specialty paper gives me an opportunity to add texture and pattern to the image.  I also find it will unifying the colors.  The finished piece is mounted on watercolor paper and measures 5″ X 7″. It fit right into a frame.

Happy Holiday Card

Holiday Card DWishing You and Your Family

A Joyful Holiday Season

and the

Very Best in the New Year!

Copic Marker in Class Demonstration

3 In class Demo EditHere are two images of marker demonstrations that were quickly done in class this summer. Each student had a copy of the line drawing and followed the step by step rendering demonstration.  In the top image we were practicing creating a variety of texture and pattern.  In the image below, the goal was to render the container to look like galvanized steel.  You can see that I note the markers that are used in each of  the images on the bottom of the page  for a visual reference in the future.

Container from class