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Daffodil Copic Marker Rendering

daffodil-2 Last week I bought a container of daffodils and found time to create an illustration with my fine black markers.  It was great fun to add color to the drawing using my Copic markers.  I was actually on a phone meeting, with the flowers on my desk, when I completed the first quick sketch to organize how the flowers would fit together.

quick-sketch-aThe drawing below is on marker rendering paper. I started with a light pencil drawing and added the fine line marker on top, erasing the pencil when I was done.  Notice the bee started on the left side and then moved to the right in the finished drawing.

first-drawing-aHere are the flowers that I used for my visual inspiration.













Copic Color Marker Back Hall Rendering

Back Hall RenderingHaving fun adding marker to line drawings from my perspective drawing book.  This image was originally used to demonstrates how a simple one-point perspective grid becomes a guide for drawing a narrow interior space. This image provided a good visual of how built in cabinets would look in a back hall.  Adding color to the image provided a more realistic view of the space.  I used a complimentary color scheme of oranges, blues and tans as a neutral hues.

Exterior Residential Copic Rendering

Sipp Photograph RenderingI had a housing developer contact me for a sample of my work.  They sent me one of their elevations to color render.  Here is the finished image that took me the weekend to complete.  I appreciated the challenge, great opportunity for me to play around with my Copic markers.

Line Drawing of Sofa Pillows with Pattern

6 Sofa Sketch B6 Fabric Sketch AAIt was fun to play around with a variety of patterns in this sofa sketch.  First I collected actual samples to use as I did the drawings. Working with actual fabric samples makes it is easier to draw the different characteristics and flavors of the patterns.  Then a quick sketch of five distinct patterns was completed before drawing them on the pillows in the final sofa sketch.  The patterns include a paisley, small flower, diagonal line, zig-zag and checkered.  The values of the patterns were also varied as they were drawn.

Drawing Vases Inspired by west elm

4 Pattern JarsI find drawing inspiration from visiting the west elm website accessory page. I admire how their designers successfully put different items together.  This drawing is one of the west elm groupings of blue and white china vases.  I switched a few items around and enjoyed figuring out how to draw each pattern on the vases.  What a great opportunity to practice drawing cylinder shapes and I can always benefit from this!  Check out the west elm site, under Vases + Botanicals.  for more interesting vase accessories.

Marker Rendered Floor Plans

Lindsey CarterI am appreciating the good work that my marker rendering students are doing at Florida State College at Jacksonville this summer.  Most of the students have no back ground in marker rendering techniques and yet they are courageously taking the time to learn this skill.

Jacqueline Liberio 1At week #3, the students were assigned to render this floor plan unifying the image using color along with creating interest with a variety of different textures and patterns.  Each hue or color needed to be repeated throughout the image.  Here are five different interpretations of the assignment.  Starting at the top, the rendering image was completed by Lindsey Carter, Jacqueline Liberio, Jennifer McCollister, Katey Pasco and Amanda Thornton.

Jennifer McCollisterIt is fun to see the different styles and flavors that each student naturally bring to their work.  They continue to develop this style during the semester.  Teaching hand drawing and rendering has shown me that everyone expresses themselves visually with  their own unique  “hand” style.  I think we are attracted to hand drawn images because of the distinctive expressive quality that each drawing shows.

Katey Pasco 1Amanda Thornton 1

Kristen Hansen Marker Illustrator

remodel-floor-planHere is wonderful floor plan rendering by Kristen Hansen. She is a freelance architectural illustrator who specializes in line drawings and hand renderings. Check out her website, Krishansendesign.com .  Here is a quote from Kristen about the importance of hand rendering, “In the midst of cold digital representations of the built environment, there is an alternative, friendlier way to present to clients. Hand drawing and rendering captures the warmth and character of a building’s exterior and interior. And sometimes, artwork by hand can offer a faster turn around time than tedious computerized 2D and 3D modeling.”


Here are two more images from Kristen’s web site.  The interior marker rendering above successfully shows realistic patterns.  This a great visual for my marker rendering students to view.  She also is successful at using a variety of values and patterns in her line drawings.   I am interested to see how in the exterior residence found below, she adds darker values to emphasis the negative areas in between the rocks.