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Salzburg Urban Line Drawing

Salzburg Opera House Image 2Here is a line drawing that I completed while traveling back to Florida from Austria. I was captivated with this image on the cover of a brochure that I had in my travel bag.  It was great to use as my inspiration and easy to work with sitting on the tiny airplane seat for many hours.  Salzburg Opera House CoverThe photograph was taken by Luigi Caputo and was on the cover of the opera brochure Salzburger Festispiele..  I did contact Luigi by email to get his thumbs up about using his image for the drawing and posting it on my blog.  He has a wonderful website with other exciting photographs.  By the way, check out the Salzburger Festispiele website too, it is very dynamic and has great opera videos.

Travel City Sketch

Vancouver cityWhile visiting the city of Vancouver Canada, I found time to capture the view out my hotel window. There was an interesting mix of older structures in the foreground and newer high rises in the background. I was up early enjoying my coffee as I got started with the sketch.

Before leaving, I was able to finish the pencil outline of all the building shapes in my sketchbook. While riding in the car during a 5 hours drive to our next city, I added the details and textures of the buildings and finished the image in marker.

Traveling Theme Drawing Inspiration

I really enjoying seeing drawings that are inspired from traveling themes.  James Gulliver Handcock successfully used his suitcase to created an interesting, humorous image.  His illustration style is relaxed and feels spontaneous to me.    Based in Sydney, Australia, and Brooklyn, N.Y., Hancock is a well-known commercial illustrator, who has also had numerous exhibitions of his personal art.  He has very fun and interesting images that you can check out his website.

Here is another artist who is visually outlining their preparation for traveling.  I am appreciating how Susan Abbott is creatively showing what she will need for her trip.  When you make a list, there is a tendency to check off items from top to bottom.  What is great about using images is that you move away from linear thinking. With the items all over the page, you will use the information more freely and more creatively make connections as you follow up with your list. Take time to check out Susan’s other image at her bog, A Painter’s Year.

Kayak Trip Watercolor Images

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take a primitive camping kayak trip, at the tip of  Vancouver Island, several summers ago.  We spend our days kayaking and set up our camp sites in the evening.  We had wonderful experienced guides that supporting us during the trip.

I had small sketch pad and a watercolor box to play around with during the trip.  Here is a sketch was done at a lunch spot.  That evening, when we got settled in our camp, I redrew the image and added watercolor.   We carried all our supplies in the kayaks,  saw whales, eagles, sea lions and experienced a day kayaking in the rain.  We were totally isolated from the world for the week, not an electronic devise among us.  The image below was our last camp site called “Bob’s Landing”.  That evening, we saw a group of whales travel through close to the bank in the background.

City Buildings as Drawing Inspiration

I enjoying seeing how artists render the flavor of a city. Here are two city images that are very different.  This is a sweet rendering of Betty’s hometown.  The touch of watercolor is just perfect.  You can almost feel the hot weather and slow pace that this street.  Find more urban images from BettyfromTexas at her Flicker site.

Below is an image from a very different city in another part of the world, Singapore.  This rendering is full of action, sounds and cool colors.  Tia is an architect and Art & Design Educator.  She has a wonderful blog, TiaStudo showing her sketchbook images.

iPAD Airport Drawing

I found myself trapped in airports up the east coast this week as I traveled to a conference.  So what do you do while you wait for your flight?  Fortunately,  my iPAD came in handy as I started to explore the Adobi Ideas drawing app.  The goal was to complete an image with a sofa which is shown above.

How did I get there?  The first stage starts with light contour lines to place the major objects, taking time to check proportions.

The next image shows  added interior features and plants.  The sofa and pillows have value and texture too.  You will notice originally there were two pictures on the left side of the room.  These got too complicated  for me to fit in and they were taken out in the final drawing.

The shade and shadow was slowly added.  I find this to be a challenge part of rendering, kinda scary.  The darker shadows seem out of place and yet when they are added, it improves the drawing.

Here is the screen that you have when working with Adobe Ideas.  I like that the tools are on the left side which makes for easy access when drawing.  The tools are organized on this band, starting at the top, with drawing tool, the eraser, the undo, the diameter of the pencil, the opaqueness of the color and the color options.

When learning a new technique, it works best for me to keep it simple.  In this drawing,  only one color hue was used.  It was enough to play around with the opaque feature, diameter of the point and yes, the eraser. The next step will be to use the layering feature and add more colors.

Try it!  You might like it!

Inspiration with Travel Sketches

Map inspiration on Kayak Trip

Where does inspiration for a painting subject come from?  What are the steps that are taken to complete a painting?

On a primitive camping and kayak trip taken off the tip of Vancouver Island, I had an opportunity to create watercolor sketches at the camping site.  Sitting on the rocks, balancing the paper on my knees and using salt water with my paints turned out to be challenging.  Although the pieces seem discombobulated and primitive, these sketches became my inspiration for images that I created when I was back in my studio.

Sketch at the Camp Site

Here are two that show this progression.  The  first one is a  watercolor sketch painted at the camp site and the next one was completed in the studio.   The on site sketch took me back to the flavor and feel of the setting. Using the first sketch  was a great way for me to capture the special qualities of the trip in the second image.

Watercolor Completed in the Studio