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Drawing a Mug with Perspective Instructions Video

Here is a 10-minute video that I created for my perspective drawing course this semester that is using the Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing book.  It has step by step instructions for drawing a mug shape and adding the mug handle using perspective drawing techniques.  Check out the finished drawing below. Enjoy!

3.5 Mug from Stephanie Sipp on Vimeo.






Organizing Online Copic Color Marker Rendering Classes

Want to learn how to use Copic Markers?  This summer I am developing an online Copic marker rendering class series  It will be focused on using markers to color or render flowers from the garden. The class will include the line drawings for each activity along with step-by-step video demonstrations.  Student will be able to submit their assignments for feedback with comments and suggestions for improvements.  The goal is to have this up and running by September 2015.  Check out this practice demonstration video that I did using a Black-Eyed Susan flower line drawing.  Stay tuned for more updates.

V.3 Black-Eyed Susan from Stephanie Sipp on Vimeo.

CEU Sketching for Design Solutions

This is a ten minute video showing the demonstration that is part of the CEU Sketching for Design Solutions.  It is Unit 3 – One-point perspective sketching furniture techniques.  Check this out!

Marker Rendering Video Demonstration Lamp with Table

2 Lamp Rendering CropWant to see a demonstration of how I rendered this image with Copic Markers?  Check out the 2o minute video clip found below.

2 – Point Perspective Proportion Video Demonstration

After learning the basic steps to drawing a two-point perspective box, it is fun to add more to the box.  The video below demonstrates step by step drawing a gift box using the two-point perspective formula.  This an example of  the finished image. Have your sketch book and pencil handy to follow along.  Enjoy!

2 Present A

Marker Rendering Orchid

Check out this seven minute video demonstrating how I added color to an orchid line drawing with markers.  Please note that I speed up the middle section of the video.  Enjoy!

Rendered Floor Plan Sketch

4 Floor plan sketchThe addition of surface rendering to floor plans provides an opportunity to show the pattern and texture of the building elements and furnishings.  In this quick sketched rendered floor plan of a bedroom, it has a stippling pattern representing the texture of the carpet.  There are lines and dots for wood grain and horizontal squiggled lines representing the fabric on the bed. Notice around the floor plan, I doodled around drawing different table tops, plants and flooring finishes.

Check out this six minute video where I talk about these texture and patterns.